Prague’s Old Town Legends by Nancy VonWalde's 3rd Grade Students

Area of Triangle around School by Anne Flaherty

Public Art in Prague by the entire Grade 7 at International School of Prague

Underground Railroad by Katie Sabol, State Library of Ohio

MN Geology Maps by GCT Ben Friesen

Erosion @ WJH by GCT Ben Friesen

Measures in Madrid by GCT Tom Barrett

Earth Science - science619 - The year’s curriculum mapped out.

Ancient Greece - Grade 6 two-student map as notes for the unit.

13 Colonies - Grade 8

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The Tools

Top Tips for working on a collaborative map

1. Sign in to Google Maps

2. Search for your placemarks, then add them to a map by clicking the placmark then clicking "Add to map".

Activity 1: The Layover - If you only had 24-48 hours in the Texas Panhandle what would you do? See? Eat?

1. Go to this map: Texas Panhandle Layover or this one: Texas Panhandle Layover 2

2. Then add 1 or 2 ATTRACTIONS, (restaurants, experiences, places, trails, etc.) that you would consider "Musts" for visitors with only a few hours here. Plot the point on the map, label it and choose an appropriate icon for a placemark. Write a short description including what it is and why it is important. Don't forget to add your name as part of the title.

3. Bonus: If you found that all to be too easy, try to accomplish the following bonus tasks

  • Change the icon to better represent the attraction
  • Add an image into the description.
  • Add a video into the description.
  • Try adding a shape or line to represent an area or hiking trail. Can you change the color?

Demo: Importing Data and Using Layers


Import Data

Label and Style the Content

Choose Your Geo Adventure


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