Get Creating

1. Photo Slideshow in YouTube


Make a slideshow with photos from your Google Plus or Picasa galleries or upload some on the spot.

More YouTube Built-in Creative Tools

Video Editor

Combine videos and customize clips with special tools and effects and copyright free audio tracks.

Audio Library

The YouTube Audio Library is a collection of music tracks that are freely available for YouTube creators to download and feature as background music in their videos.

2. Video Message

Most operating systems allow you to record video with the camera on the device.

Fire yours up and record a short message.

Mac OS: Quicktime App

Windows 8+: Camera Application

Chromebook: clipchamp

iOS: Youtube Capture or the YouTube App

Android: Camera, then YouTube App

3. ScreenCast

In Chrome with Snag-It Extension

Open your Chrome browser or Chromebook and install the extension from the Chrome web store. It’s free! For more information, watch the overview video here.

On a Mac with QuickTime

Which of these creative tools seem most relevant to your class?

Can you think of a teacher use case for each tool?

How might you get students to use these tools?