Get Curating


Curate your own Playlists and choose the order they appear. (YouTube playlists are groups of videos (or lists) that can be arranged in any order and are set to play one after the other)How to Create a Playlist (YouTube Support Instructions)

  1. Log in to your YouTube channel
  2. Find a video
  3. Click "Add To"
  4. From there, create a new playlist or add to an existing one

If you really, really, want to know all the ins and outs of playlists, here is an extensive post.Here is a link to a playlist where you can view the list in the order it is set to play along with any annotations that the playlist creator included.

Edit Playlist Options

  • Reorganize
  • Add note

Two Views Examples

List View

Player View

Share a Playlist

via a link

On your channel

on a Google Site

On most websites via embed code

Make a Playlist

Option 1: Surely you’ve got a list of links to videos that you like to use in your classes. Take a few minutes to dig out the list and start putting them together in a playlist. Try all of the editing features as well.

Option 2: Think of a topic that you'd like to develop a playlist for. Use your search and filter skills to find videos that might meet your needs. Add them to a playlist for you to review later.

Curating with Playlists

How can you harness playlists in your teaching?

What types of playlists might you make?

Is there a place for student curation in your class?

How do we get student curation into your class?

Use Your Channel to Organize Content

Components of your Channel

Channel Housekeeping

Get your Channel setup.

  • Turn on any channel features that you might want.
  • Create some channel art
    • Art should be 2560 x 1440 px
    • Create in image editing software that you are familiar with (Photoshop, Keynote) or use Canva online.
  • Connect your social networks
  • Tweak the sections on your channel by displaying your playlist.
  • Set any of the channel settings to your liking.