Get Creating

Play:Take a moment to browse TED-Ed by subject area or by series. Click through the “Quick Quizzes”, “Think” and “Dig Deeper” activities. Bookmark any that look relevant to your teaching so that you can come back later and watch the video.

YouTube Creative Tools


Make a slideshow with photos from your Google Plus or Picassa galleries or upload some on the spot.

Web Cam Capture

If you have a webcam built into or connected to your computer, you can record a webcam video on YouTube and upload it directly to the site.

Video Editor

Combine videos and customize clips with special tools and effects and copyright free audio tracks.

Audio Library

The YouTube Audio Library is a collection of music tracks that are freely available for YouTube creators to download and feature as background music in their videos.

Play: Try out the slideshow option or the webcam capture feature.


With annotations you can layer text, links, and hotspots over your video. You can add information, interactivity and engagement.

Examples and Uses

Discuss: Which of these creative tools seem most relevant to your class? How will you use them as a teacher? Will you get your students using them? Which ones? How?


  • Screencast
  • Trailers
  • Common craft
  • Vlog Jumpcut
  • Slideshow
  • Film
  • Documentary
  • Remix/Mashup
  • Public speaking - speech, poetry reading etc.
  • Animation - GoAnimate, XtraNormal, iPad Apps
  • Drawing on Whiteboard - RSAnimate etc.
  • Search story
  • Doc story
  • Interactive (Choose your own adventure)
  • Google Hangouts

Discuss: Do any of these genres have an obvious fit in your class? What genres are we missing? What are some other creative things that we've done in education pre-YouTube that we could have kids capture and post on YouTube? What are some other ways we that we can document learning with YouTube?

Learning Event Generator

The Learning Event Generator is an idea from John Davitt who has gone on to create an iOS app for generating random "learning events."


  • Your group will be assigned a random "Learning Event" from the generator.
  • Work with your group to create a video explaining "X" using genre "Y"
  • Use whatever tools that you have at your disposal
  • Don't let your perfectionism slow you down.
  • Upload the video to YouTube.
  • Have fun.
  • Be ready to reflect on your learning and the process.


Discuss the various roles that people in your group played? Did you learn anything? Would you use this strategy/activity in class? What did you like/dislike about the activity? Any thoughts on the following: Time constraints? Scaffolding? Tech skills? What are your thoughts about "assigning" a genre vs. student choice of genre?