YT Genre Mash-up

Shout Outs

The Absolutely Positively Unofficial List of YouTube Genres

The AutoMagical Pair Generator

Here it is.

Credit to @jayatwood for the awesome spreadsheet set-up

Let's Play


  • Your group will be assigned a random pair "Pair Generator" from the generator.
  • Work with your group to create a video explaining "X" using genre "Y"
  • Use whatever tools that you have at your disposal (Ask Three before me)
  • Don't let your perfectionism slow you down.
  • Upload the video to YouTube.
  • Turn it in by entering info in the form below.
  • Have fun.
  • Be ready to reflect on your learning and the process.

Turn it in

YT Genre Mash-up ‎(Responses)‎


Discuss the various roles that people in your group played?

What was your response to this challenge? How did you react?

Did you learn anything?

Would you use this strategy/activity in class?

What did you like/dislike about the activity?

Any thoughts on the following: Time constraints? Scaffolding? Tech skills? What are your thoughts about "assigning" a genre vs. student choice of genre?

What genres are we missing?


YouTube Capture

Sock Puppets

Yakit App

Chatter Pix

Funny Movie Maker

Multi Cam