Session Description:

There is excellent educational content out there on YouTube.

In this session you'll learn strategies for

1. Searching for content

2. Finding and subscribing to Education Channels

3. Creating playlists for your own organisation and for sharing

What to Watch

YouTube customizes your "start page" based on what it thinks you want to watch. Toggle to "social" to see the videos shared in your Google+ circles, by your Facebook friends, or by those you follow on Twitter.

Your "One Channel"

Components of your One Channel (YouTube Help's Playlist)

  • Unique Channel Art (Guidelines)
  • Links connected to other Social Networks, websites
  • Unsubscribed Trailer (to generate subscribers)
  • Sections: Uploads, Recents, Playlists, Activity, Tags, Other Channels

Find the Good Stuff: Searching YouTube

Use Filters to find Videos, Playlists or Channels

Advanced Search Explained here

Have the Good Stuff Find YOU: Subscribe to Content

  • TED-Ed - Audio from incredible teachers vivified by some of the world's best animators.
  • MinutePhysics - Simply put: cool physics and other sweet science.
  • Pgreensoup’s Teacher and Student Tutorials - Okay, you caught me. This is shameless promotion of my own channel that features tutorials of technology tools used in education (and sometimes just fun videos of my two-year-old that only gramma wants to watch).
  • The Economics Classroom - Jason Welker’s video lessons for introductory Economics students, focusing on Micro, Macro and International Economics topics.
  • IB Chemisty Video Review - section by section explanations of IB Chem topics utilizing graphs, charts and even gaming videos.
  • European Student Film Festival - Go here to be wowed by the films that 9-12 graders can produce for the European Student Film Festival
  • Autograph Maths - videos of using the program Autograph to visualize maths concepts.
  • Bozeman Biology - Paul Andersen, the 2011 Montana Teacher of the Year, explains all things Biology.
  • Crash Course - The popular Vlogbrothers give weekly lessons in science and the humanities - college will never be the same again.
  • Edutopia - Inspiration and information for what works in education.
  • Deep Sky Videos - A fresh look at the strange and unimaginable depths of space; galaxies, nebulae and other objects.
  • Numberphile: A channel about amazing facts and figures that will make you love numbers.
  • The Spangler Effect - What happens when a celebrity science teacher transforms a simple experiment into an unforgettable experience.
  • Intelligent Channel - Enlightening video in partnership with educational and cultural institutions.

Subscribe to More Good Stuff: Browsing YouTube EDU

  • YouTube EDU- High quality educational videos for students of all ages, created by top educators and institutions around the world.

What have you learned from YouTube?


Curate your own Playlists and choose the order they appear.

(YouTube playlists are groups of videos (or lists) that can be arranged in any order and are set to play one after the other)

How to Create a Playlist (YouTube Support Instructions)

  1. Log in to your YouTube channel
  2. Find a video
  3. Click "Add To"
  4. From there, create a new playlist or add to an existing one

If you really, really, want to know all the ins and outs of playlists, here is an extensive post.

Here is a link to a playlist where you can view the list in the order it is set to play along with any annotations that the playlist creator included.

Edit Playlist Options

  • Reorganize
  • Start video at specific time
  • end video at specific time
  • Add note

Share a Playlist

via a link

On your channel

on a Google Site

On most websites via embed code

This is a totally hands on session where participants will create and publish 3 different styles of video to their YouTube channel. Perfectionism and editing are not allowed.

1. Record a Screencast in QuickTime and upload to YouTube.

2. Create a Photo Slideshow in YouTube

3. Record a video message (or Vlog) directly into YouTube

Participants need a Mac, not an iPad. A few photos on your Mac will help with the slideshow too.

1. QuickTime

2. Photo Slideshow in YouTube


Make a slideshow with photos from your Google Plus or Picasa galleries or upload some on the spot.

3. Upload Straight from your Webcam

Web Cam Capture

If you have a webcam built into or connected to your computer, you can record a webcam video on YouTube and upload it directly to the site.

More YouTube Creative Tools

Video Editor

Combine videos and customize clips with special tools and effects and copyright free audio tracks.

Audio Library

The YouTube Audio Library is a collection of music tracks that are freely available for YouTube creators to download and feature as background music in their videos.

Want EVERY YouTube video in a CD collection?