Gmail 101

Session Description: Are you spending too much of your time processing email? Gmail has many features that can help you be more productive and save time.

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Lessons from The Hamster Revolution

The best way to receive less email is to not send any.

The Basics

  • Compose
  • Send
  • Reply
  • Forward
  • Attach

The Environment

  • Density
  • Theme
  • Chat (Hangouts)

Gmail vs. Email

  • Archive vs. delete
  • Threaded conversations (Settings - General)
  • Labels (Inbox, All Mail etc.)

Choose Your Inbox

The New Inbox (tabs)

Priority Inbox

Inbox Zero

Respond, star, archive or delete


Spend a few minutes processing your email. Work towards inbox zero.

    • Customize settings
      • undo send
      • send and archive
      • chat
    • Labs
    • Right Side Chat
    • Undo Send
      • Canned Responses
      • Others?
  • Extensions



Send me an email with "Gmail Badge" as the subject. Answer this question in your email: "What is the one thing from this session that will have the largest impact on your future email practice?"