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Why Video? Why YouTube

Play #1 - The Hook, or (Students need to smile more)

Share a link to a video on YouTube that you would use to "hook" your audience. Our aim is to create a list of not-made-for-education videos for education. Do you have more than one? Try to come up with 3. After submitting all three, feel free to browse the "YouTube's Education Efforts" section below.

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YouTube’s Education Efforts

  • YouTube EDU- High quality educational videos for students of all ages, created by top educators and institutions around the world.
  • YouTube for Teachers- Site with subject and competency specific playlists that helps teachers learn how to use YouTube effectively in class.
  • YouTube for Schools- Domain setting that gives schools restricted access to high quality educational videos, channels, and playlists for students of all ages INTRO VIDEO
  • YouTube TED-Ed Original video content that marries the talent of great teachers with top animators to bring concepts like neuroscience to life in in short videos, typically 5 minutes long. INTRO VIDEO and TEDEd Website Tour
  • YouTube Digital Citizenship - an interactive curriculum aimed to support teachers of secondary students in educating about digital citizenship, and being responsible community members.