Plot a Path to Learning with Google Maps in ANY Subject

Session Description: Learn to create collaborative multimedia maps with a Google Certified Teacher. Be inspired by student created maps that demonstrate learning in Math, Science, Social Studies, English and Art. Try it yourself and discover how easy it is to make beautiful and informative maps by using place marks, paths and areas with embedded data including text, images and YouTube video. You’ll leave this session having mapped out a way to integrate Google Maps into your own learning focused classroom.

Intro: Getting Our Bearings

Head out on the Trail

Activity 1: The Layover - If you only had 24-48 hours in Singapore what would you do? See? Eat?

1. Go to this map: Singapore Layover

2. Then add 1 or 2 events, restaurants, experiences, places etc. that you would consider "Musts" for visitors with only a few hours in Singapore. Plot the point on the map, label it and choose an appropriate icon for a placemark. Write a short description including what it is and why it is important. Don't forget to add your name into your description. If you found that all to be too easy,consider adding an image or video.

Activity Two: Share your ideas

If you were inspired by the work of other educators, and are thinking of a way you can utilize Google Maps in your subject area, don’t just keep it to yourself. SHARE IT!

Add your idea to the form on the right of this page and then go here to see the ideas generated by others.

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