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Adding Narration Tracks

You cannot record the actual audio files in Tour Creator. You must create them outside of Tour Creator and then add them to your Tour. You can record your audio in any external audio editor.

Online Audio Recorder is free, quick, simple and works on a Chromebook.

Adding Ambient Audio Tracks

You can often find good ambient sound tracks simply by searching online with an appropriate search term like [busy restaurant soundtrack mp3]

You could also try YouTube's sound effects library

Thanks to Chris Betcher (@betchaboy) for these free audio resource suggestions!

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  3. Publish a tour

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View your Tour in Google Expeditions (Cardboard)

Open Google Expeditions using the same Google account you used to create your tours.

  1. Tap the Library button and choose the My Tours tab. Your created tours are listed in the app.

  2. Select your desired tour and click the View in VR button then just put your phone into a Cardboard go explore!

Video Tutorials from @mrpiercey

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